Do You Have A Food Hang-Up and What to Do About It

do you have a food hang-up?

For as long as I can remember — at least since grade school — I’ve struggled with my weight. I deleted that sentence at least seven times and almost left it out completely, but I’m confident many of you can relate. It’s an embarrassing confession, and it’s filled with a lot of shame and bad memories. In 4th grade I was called a “cow” on the school bus driving through the country in Nebraska while the boys in my class moo’d at me. Just after turning 12 in 6th grade, I was well-versed on the cabbage soup diet. And by 8th grade, I was anorexic and eventually wound up in the hospital because I was severely dehydrated. As an adult, the story didn’t change much. Years of weight gain turned into shame, which lead to depression, followed by unhealthy weight-loss attempts of calorie-counting, restrictive diets, daily weigh-in’s, and workouts for …see the slideshow here

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