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Das Bevo continues tradition of bringing back memories of Bevo Mill clientele

ST. LOUIS – Wednesday marked the first Valentine’s Day lunch and dinner for Das Bevo.  The south St. Louis restaurant opened in May of 2017 after the Bevo Mill closed for several years.

Lora and Charlie Hubbard celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at Das Bevo Wednesday night.  Their children took them to the restaurant as a surprise.

“We came here for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  We brought them here for their 50th dinner,” said Lora Hubbard.

The restaurant invited an Elvis impersonator to renew the wedding vows of customers.

“It’s like nostalgia,” said customer Nora Licari.  “That’s why we came to see what it’s like now and it appealed to us.”

“We actually had a senior group in here today for lunch and every one of them had a story of being here either as a child or coming to an aunt and uncles anniversary party or their son or daughter’s wedding or rehearsal dinner,” said Das Bevo spokesperson Bridgette Fyvie.  “I mean this place is a hundred years old and it’s beautiful and it’s special.”

Fyvie said Das Bevo is continuing the tradition of holding wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, and other events.  She believes the investment the new owners have made is having a positive effect on the Bevo Mill neighborhood.

“When people see someone investing in a property like this they’re more likely to invest in neighboring communities and maybe look at housing and putting other businesses here,” she said.

“It’s a wonderful neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier to be part of this.”