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Crawford County mother speaks out about being raped, police continue investigation

BOURBON, MO – A mother of four who said she was sexually assaulted in her own home spoke with Fox 2 Tuesday night.

We are not naming her to protect her identity.

The Crawford County woman said that the stranger forced his way in through her front door.

The victim said it happened around 11a.m. last Tuesday when she heard her dog barking in the living room, waking her up.

“I looked out my front window and didn’t see a vehicle or anybody outside,” she explained, “when I turned around to go back to my room I heard the creak of my front door.”

She said she stopped in front of the door to listen out, unlocked and opened it.

“And when I did, he put a snubbed nosed revolver in my face and backed me into my kitchen with it,” she recalled.

The victim said that she went completely numb, describing the suspect as 6 ft. 2’ tall at least 200 lbs. wearing head to toe camouflage, with a mask.

“I turned to run out of my back door and he grabbed me by my hair and put the gun at my waist and asked where my bedroom was,” she said.

The victim said that he then asked her to take off her clothes. The woman told Fox 2 that in the next 25 minutes the man had her blindfold herself, tied her up and then proceed to rape her.

“He proceeded to sodomize me before he raped me,” she said, “the last thing he said was that he would kill me if I contacted the police.”

The woman said that when she knew the suspect had left, she managed to break loose and ran toward a neighbor’s house screaming for help. She said the terrified neighbor immediately called the police.

The woman said she wishes she hadn’t opened the door and is speaking out to warn others.

“He’s still out there, lock your doors, keep your kids safe, know where they are all the time and just be aware,” she said.

The Bourbon Police Department will only say that this case is under open investigation. They have also not confirmed the victim’s description of the suspect. The victim said that she was taken to the hospital where she was administered a rape kit.