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Cars caught blowing stop signs a day after kids struck by vehicle

ST. LOUIS – There’s an intersection in St. Louis where the driving is so dangerous school officials are afraid to let their students walk across the street.

Two children were struck by a hit and run driver trying to do just that on Wednesday.

On Thursday afternoon, a Fox2/News11 camera caught drivers repeatedly ignoring stop signs and speed limits, right next to a school. There seemed to be no fear of getting a ticket.

Police could be out there writing them all day long, neighbors said.

Two 10-year old children were struck by a hit and run driver just after getting off of their school bus at North Euclid near Labadie. They went to a hospital though their injuries were not serious, police said.

The hit and run driver remains at large.

This was less than a block from North Side Community School Charter Elementary School.

The injured students attend a different school, but North Side Community staffers helped them until an ambulance arrived.

“They were just crossing the street. We picked up their shoes off the street … I saw them on the ground – two beautiful kids,” said Stella Erondu, the school’s principal and founder.

Aside from a handful of students who live just a few houses away, none of the close to 400 students are allowed to walk home, she said.

Even crossing the street to get into their cars can be precarious. School staff, parents, and neighbors said the situation is unacceptable. They’re calling on police and city leaders to do something and reinforce those things we’re all taught in school before there’s an even greater tragedy.

“Go by the rules, not do things that are wrong. There are consequences for those things. It’s not just what happens to you, it’s what happens to the next person,” Erondu said. “It’s just like wild, Wild West; anyone can do whatever, drive however they want on these streets. I think the people that live over here should be able to be comfortable in their own neighborhood.”

“We do have kids getting up in the morning and going to school. They should be able to cross the street. Even if a bus is out there and you see that stop sign, you know you’re supposed to stop because these are kids!” said neighbor Gwen Blanchard.

Police said they are increasing enforcement in the area, but neighbors and school officials said they haven’t seen it.