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Carbohydrates: Importance in weight Loss

All carbohydrates have the same caloric content (4 calories / gr), but vary in the amount and speed of absorption during the digestive process. Some, like the oligosaccharides, are not even absorbed, but go directly to the large intestine to serve as food for the intestinal flora.

This, of course, modifies its caloric and metabolic impact, that is, the amount of glucose that passes into the blood after eating them, and as a result, the amount of calories absorbed. They will also have a different effect in terms of their stimulus on insulin, and as a final consequence, in their contribution to weight.

Let me explain better with an example: an apple contains on average 50 calories, little more than three teaspoons of sugar (15 calories each), however, the three teaspoons of sugar contribute more to weight gain than the apple. This is because part of the glucose in the apple is not absorbed, and therefore does not count, while the three teaspoons of refined sugar are used completely. So, with respect to carbohydrates, in addition to calories it also matters how they are absorbed at the level of the intestine. And how to know it for the benefit of Schedule our food? In order to classify carbohydrates according to these criteria, the glycemic index was created.

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