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Black Panther, a hit with Schenectady’s youth

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The latest Marvel comic book hero is on the big screen Friday night and heading for a block buster weekend!

Black Panther played to a sellout crowd at the Bow Tie Cinema in Schenectady and that audience was filled with kids who were able to get in for free thanks to the group “Save Our Streets.”

“Yeah it’s the first black Marvel character.  I’m happy, I’m happy we moved up in life,” said Jeremiah Pratt.

Jeremiah Pratt could hardly wait for the Black Panther to begin. He joined more than 100 kids and their parents for the free viewing.

“I really can’t wait until it is over so I can hear everyone talking about it,” Pratt said.

William Rivas from the community group, “Save Our Streets,” rented out the Bow Tie; letting kids in for free so they could be inspired by a comic hero of color.

A lot of times the youth from our impoverished communities don’t always feel great about themselves, they don’t always seem themselves in positions of being successful,” Rivas said.

Black Panther features mostly a diverse cast and marvel’s first African-American director.

Did you know Marvel created the Black Panther character in the 1960’s against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement?

“This movie is bringing us all together for a common purpose,” Rivas said. “To see individuals like them in such powerful positions.  See themselves as princes and princesses as kings and queens and just as royalty. We want them to feel good about themselves, so it’s our opportunity to create that energy for them.”