Arsenal old-boy Emmanuel Eboue is getting help from Galatasaray

Emmanuel Eboue’s tough times

A heart-warming photo has been shared on Instagram on Tuesday by former Turkish international striker Hasan Sas.

Now 41, Sas is the Galatasaray co-assistant manager.

Over Christmas, stories came out about how former Arsenal and Galatasaray defender Emmanuel Eboue had fallen on extremely tough times.

Darren Lewis of the Daily Mirror interviewed Eboue and revealed that that former professional football is broke and his life is in turmoil.

Eboue revealed he’s “skint”, “hides from bailiffs” is “sleeping on a friend’s floor” and “cannot afford a washing machine”.

The former Arsenal defender also said he wass “on the brink of suicide”.

Of course, Eboue appeared in the Champions League and Africa Cup of Nations finals.

Eboue cannot play professional football now due to ill health and is struggling financially due to losing a bitter divorce battle.


A post shared by Hasan Şaş (@hasansas11) on Feb 13, 2018 at 3:22am PST

Galatasaray step in to help

After Eboue’s story gained publicity, Galatasaray announced they’d try to help their former player.

As now confirmed by Hasan Sas, Eboue has arrived in Istanbul and he’s currently in talks with Galatasaray officials over a coaching role.

The hope is that Galatasaray can offer Eboue a platform to help him back on his feet.

Arsenal also offered to help

It’s worth noting that Arsenal were reportedly also offering to help Eboue in his hour of need.

The goodwill shown by the European clubs is in stark contrast to a recent dark rumour which has spread online claiming that Eboue is dead.

In a sad indictment of modern internet use, false stories spread like wildfire in January that the former Arsenal, Sunderland and Galatasaray star took his own life.

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