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Albany Curling Club brings Winter Games to Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Olympics are well underway and some of the most popular events are sports you might have tried yourself including ice skating and skiing.  But, what about curling?

The Albany Curling Club opened its doors one last time this season and you didn’t have to be an Olympic athlete to try this sport.

“If you’ve ever seen the Winter Olympics, it’s the sport with the broom,” said curling club member, Deanna.

That ‘sport with the broom’ is attracting plenty of attention this Olympic season.

“We got Olympic fever and we saw that there was a free open house today so we thought we’d give it a shot and see if we can maybe make it to the next Winter Olympics,” said visitor, Tyler Nichols.

Hundreds people came to the club Sunday to live out their Olympic dreams and try their hand at one of the most unusual sports played.

“We’ve been watching curling on the Olympics and it looks more fun than I thought, so we thought we’d have to come and try it out today,” said visitor, Haley Dell’Orso.

“The interest in curling is certainly peaked and we get a much bigger crowd for our open houses than a regular year,” said curling club member, Ed O’Neil.

They came from all over the northeast to try it right here in Albany.

“We came from Connecticut. We were coming to visit her and she was like “I think we go curling” and we said why not, when else could you do curling”?, said visitor, Kelly Baron.

“We have a 90 year old cutler who curls. Then we have ‘little rockers’ who are about eight or nine and they grow up in this club atmosphere and it’s about growing up together and learning together,” said curling club member and trainer, Kirstie Fanning.

At the end of every curling match, they say the best thing to do is step off the ice and unwind with friends.

“Even when you’re playing against each other there’s no animosity or real rivalry. It’s just a game and we have a lot of fun,” said Jess, another member of the club.