7 Naked truths about marketing

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  1. Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 75% too long. Fix it. Your prospective clients or customers are being bombarded with emails, texts, social media updates, phone calls. Their time (and attention) has never been under so much pressure. So get to the point. And quickly.
  2. Most marketing advice is toxic to your business. Be especially cautious of anyone offering tricks or short-cuts to marketing success. Short-cuts to success are seldom short-cuts and they never lead to success.
  3. In business, everything you do is marketing. Yes, everything. From the way you answer the phone, reply to emails and the design of your website… to your ability to meet deadlines, the customer service you offer and your opening hours. It’s all saying something about you. Either positive or negative. Nothing is neutral. Everything counts.
  4. Great marketing is no match for an average product or service. You are not ready to market anything, until you have pumped a massive amount of value into it, first.
  5. Don’t expect professional marketing results from amateur marketing. If you’re serious about growing a successful business, stop treating your marketing like some DIY project. It’s the life-blood of your business.
  6. If you need to attend networking events, to try and get people talking about your business, ask yourself “why”? Why aren’t people automatically talking about you? Spend more time creating a business worth talking about and less time pushing what’s broken.
  7. You will never be one webinar away from marketing success. Ever.

Hopefully, you will find at least 1 thing on that list that will stop you from wasting your time or money. The question now is, what are you going to do about it?

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