6 Proven ways to get your business noticed

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Small business owners often tell me that they struggle to get noticed by potential clients or customers. So, here are some ideas that can help you attract the attention you need and get people talking about your business, too.

  1. People love to talk: What could you do, to give them a story that’s worth sharing?
  2. People want to succeed: What could you do, to help them achieve their goals or dreams?
  3. People need to feel valued: What could you do, to show them your appreciation?
  4. People love to save time: What could you do, to help them get more done in less time?
  5. People want to avoid stress: What could you do, to make them feel more comfortable, secure or relaxed?
  6. People love to learn: What could you do, to educate them in a meaningful way?

Think about each of the ideas above. Then, consider ways you can incorporate them into your marketing (and the service you provide).

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