5 Tips to increase engagement on social networks

Content marketing and inbound marketing are today the strategies that have shown the most effectiveness in achieving the best conversion percentages, and in these strategies, engagement is a fundamental parameter to measure this effectiveness buy facebook comments. Therefore, at Web Marketing we tell you everything you need to know about how to increase the engagement of your content on all social networks.

Engagement is the level of interaction that your audience shows towards your publications . Content marketing strategies are complex, they require a lot of work from companies that decide to incorporate them into their digital marketing campaigns. Likewise, their ability to offer value to your audience and make customers identify with your brand is much higher than any traditional advertising strategy.

But getting content that engages the audience and getting people to interact is not an easy thing. Therefore, here are some tips to increase your audience’s engagement with your content:

1. Active listening
The first thing you will have to keep in mind is the importance of listening very carefully to your audience , constantly. It may seem like Facebook likes, shares, and other interactions are simply ego food, but in digital marketing, this is different. Any interaction that users have with your content will be very important data to study the audience.

There are tools like Metricool that will allow you to precisely study the reactions that your target audience has when you make a publication. For this reason, constantly study your audience, make sure that the publications adapt to the characteristics of your buyer persona but, above all, permanently take care of engagement. All of this will lead you to know what your audience wants to hear and, by giving it to them, they will reward you.

You will have to study the trends, the competition, the market , everything that happens around you and publish based on this information. This is a constant and cyclical process, since the digital medium is constantly updated and changes occur with increasing frequency.

2. Offer value to the user
The old intrusive advertising no longer works like it used to. Nobody wants to see banners or pop-ups that interrupt navigation, and the more striking you make them, the more rejection they will generate in the user. Now, advertising has to be more than an advertisement , it must be a source of symbolic value for those who you hope will buy your products, and that is achieved by knowing your audience very well to know what they like.

Your content should not try to sell a product, but rather should make the user feel like they have just obtained something , and this is the symbolic value, which is the basis for building a good level of engagement with your content strategy.

Symbolic value is what a user expects to get from your brand beyond the intrinsic benefits that your product or service offers . For example, a real estate company sells houses, but beyond this, it sells the warmth of a home, moments with family, personal stories… etc. If you sell cars, your symbolic value may be comfort, luxury, prestige, durability, resistance… etc.

You must know your product very well, as well as you must maintain a permanent study of your audience , what interests them, their motivations, their history. All this will allow you to generate a higher level of engagement.

3. Choose the most appropriate format
The format you choose for your content will largely determine the engagement you can generate with it. Studies have shown that of all the information that reaches the brain, 80% of what it processes are images and only 20% is what is read. Therefore, when shaping content, you should have a good graphic element, with a professional design and, if possible, rely on images and videos.

It is also very important that you choose the appropriate frequency for your posts, since constantly updating a social media profile or blog is very necessary for the audience to maintain attention.

4. If you are going to use videos, be brief
Video advertising is always one of the most effective that can be used for your digital marketing strategies. But the user’s attention is fleeting, and you always need to be brief with what you have to say.

Even so, videos are an excellent option to generate engagement, since they require less time than reading. Unlike text, when the user watches a video, the brain interprets the information as if it were something that is happening , so they will have a greater opportunity to identify with what they see and thus feel more driven to interact.

Some very good content to use video are:

  • Guides and tutorials related to what you sell.
  • Analysis and comparisons on the characteristics of each product.
  • Messages about your brand identity.
  • Positive works that your company has done.
  • Public responses to customer concerns.
  • Retransmission of workshops, seminars and company events.
  • Storytelling.
  • Humorous content.

5. Non-intrusive advertising
As mentioned above, the key to the success of inbound marketing is the fact that it is not advertising that tries to sell, but rather attracts the user’s interest due to the value it offers for free. Therefore, study your buyer persona well to understand which content will provide the most value according to their needs and personal tastes . Speak their language, don’t call them, let them come to you.

With these tips, you can quickly increase the engagement level of your posts. We hope you have found this article useful and, if you found it interesting, you can share it on your social networks so that your friends and acquaintances can read it. Don’t forget to check out other quality Web Marketing content to learn more about digital marketing and everything your business needs.