Those of us who are immersed in the world of spirituality and personal development normally speak a strange and ambiguous language that often does not materialize in real life, so it falls on deaf ears.

However, there is also another language common to all and that is the one that speaks to us in a folkloric, cultural and traditional way. It usually materializes in sayings, proverbs and advice that are easy to understand but sometimes complex/deep in meaning Kambo Practitioner.

I would like to highlight five examples of this language that we have all, in one way or another, received and that hide great spiritual teachings. Many are hidden in well-intentioned paternal advice, but they are still inheritances of a more ancient wisdom.

1. Be Kind

Under this advice are hidden several spiritual guidelines:

– Think positively about the other person
– Respect and accept the other
– Be empathetic
– What you give will be returned to you multiplied
– Love

It is true that we tend to dwell on the hypocritical or false aspect of this advice, but we should not focus on the misuse we give to the advice and undervalue it for that reason. All advice can be exercised from empty external behavior or as an attitude emerging from the depths of our heart.

2. Respect the Experience

When we are small we are not usually aware of everything that an older person can give us and contribute. Even as adults we can not only despise them, but sometimes we even try to get them out of the way as if they were a nuisance.

Regardless of the ideas and beliefs that an older person may have, the experience and wisdom that they can transmit is undeniable. It is our job to detect that wisdom hidden behind ideas and feelings that are more mundane than spiritual.

3. Honor your parents

Our parents are not only those people with whom we can regularly argue, feel resentful and/or disagree with them on anything. They represent the human fountain from which we drink when we are little.

They transmit knowledge, intentions and love to us. This struggle, dedication and experience is gradually becoming a great wisdom, perhaps not conscious but not useless or despicable.

4. Study

Behind this simple word lies one of the most important spiritual ideas that exist; It can also be translated as read, learn and experience. Studying is not just about compulsorily memorizing perhaps useless data; It is knowing, experimenting, analyzing and experiencing.

We understand studying as an uncomfortable act because of how obligatory it has become. Instead we must exploit the facet of learning and discovery that proper study can offer us.

5. Before crossing, look

It is one thing to be guided by our heart and another to be impulsive. Ultimately our brain has evolved creating the neo-cortex as the residence of reason, which provides us with the necessary balance in our lives.

Without consciousness we are spiritual beings but not aware of it nor executors of our own development. Our body has evolved to allow us to choose whether to grow or not in our lives. We can choose to look or not before crossing.