5 reasons to study Chemical Engineering

From College of Engineering we want to tell you the 5 reasons that will help you decide to study Chemical Engineering.

The Chemical Engineering degree seeks to train professionals in everything related to chemical processes in industries Chemistry WordPress Blog. Currently, this training lasts four courses and there are university centers that offer the possibility of taking it electronically. Furthermore, the cut-off marks for the degree tend to be different depending on the Community, an aspect that allows the student to access the degree, even if they have to study outside their usual place of residence. Specifically, the lowest cut-off score in 2024 is 5 points and is found in universities such as the University of Castilla-la Mancha, the University of Girona and the University of Málaga.

In addition to what was mentioned above, among the reasons for choosing to study the degree in Chemical Engineering, the following can be highlighted:

Professional outings. There are various career opportunities for chemical engineers. Among them, we can highlight research, control in petrochemical industries, project development in different companies, quality control, among others.
Furthermore, the salaries of chemical engineers are higher than €30,000/year .

Continuation of studies. The degree in chemical engineering offers the student the possibility of continuing his master’s studies and later a doctorate in the event that he wants to continue in the field of research.
Profession with future projection. The degree in chemical engineering is among the professions that will succeed in 2030 according to the needs of human beings. Specifically, this profession fits for positions related to environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy since one of the functions of the chemical engineer is the study of strategies to mitigate the negative impact that humans generate on the environment.
Scholarships for this degree. As it is a profession with high demand in the industry, students are needed to choose this degree and therefore, different companies offer scholarships for those students who take the degree. An example of this is Caixa , a company that offers more than 60 scholarships for young researchers of different degrees, including chemical engineering. In addition, students will also be able to benefit from public aid such as those published by the Ministry of Education each year.
Integral formation. The degree in chemical engineering offers training that also encompasses different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, computer science, economics and the environment. This fact allows students to acquire the necessary tools and skills to be able to face the world of work.