13 Lawyer Skills You Need to Know

Do you know the main skills of the lawyer? A legal professional and expert in a legal field, he advises and represents his clients before the Court. Discover, in this article, 13 essential skills to practice this profession.

13 skills required to practice the legal profession
The skills of the lawyer are multiple, because this profession requires great versatility and an ability to adapt to all situations. Here are 13 examples of skills necessary to practice this profession Law Tutors.

1 – Have expertise in an area of ​​law
If you want to become a lawyer, you must specialize in a specific area of ​​law. For example :

personal rights;
criminal law ;
real estate law;
rural law;
environmental law;
public law ;
intellectual property law;
commercial law;
corporate law;
tax law;
social law;
economic law;
the law of enforcement measures;
community law;
international relations law.

It is not possible for a lawyer to master all areas of the law. Also, you may refer a client to a colleague if their problem is not part of your area of ​​expertise.

2 – Have good writing skills
If you choose this profession, you will quickly realize that writing skills are essential in the profession of lawyer. First of all, they will be useful to you when you write your cover letter for a lawyer position or an internship. Then, you will need to know how to express yourself in writing to write official letters or draft files. Generally speaking, good writing skills will gain you credibility and enable you to establish your positions during trials. In addition, this job often requires preparing briefs or logical arguments in order to present them orally. Knowing how to write well will make these tasks easier for you.

3 – Show discretion
Just like the doctor, you must maintain professional confidentiality, whatever the situation. All information relating to your client is confidential. Please note that you must respect this professional secrecy for life, even if you cease your activity. This is part of the ethical and legal obligations specific to the profession. Moreover, violation of this rule is an offense.

4 – Have a good analytical mind
In this profession, you must process a large amount of information and identify legal texts that can be beneficial to your client’s cause. As a result, a good analytical mind will allow you to manage a large amount of information and carry out your pleadings successfully.

5 – Show creativity
Contrary to what one might think, a lawyer must show creativity in certain cases. Creativity helps you solve problems and evaluate the feasibility of a solution to a matter.

6 – Know how to do research effectively
This profession requires carrying out a lot of research in an efficient manner. Indeed, you cannot afford to waste too much time on each case. Here again, a good analytical mind and the ability to develop critical thinking can help you move faster and allow you to select the information necessary to develop the best legal strategies. It is thanks to these strategies that you will be able to win your cases. Please note that, even if you work quickly, this research can take several weeks or even months.

7 – Have good judgment skills
You will have to rule for or against the evidence before the judge announces the verdict. This is why forming judgments and being able to establish logical hypotheses is important. You must be able to detect gaps in your clients’ business and find suitable solutions. Please note that you may revise your judgment and have to add new elements to your file.

8 – Know how to speak in public
Very shy people will have difficulty doing this job! Becoming a lawyer requires knowing how to express yourself orally in a clear and intelligible manner. The best lawyers are generally those who can express themselves well and show confidence during a pleading. However, if you do not have this skill, but still want to enter the profession, don’t worry, you will learn this while studying to be a lawyer , during mock trials. Note that the profession of lawyer also requires knowing how to listen to others and not just knowing how to express yourself.

9 – Know how to show humanity
Even if a lawyer earns a good living in general (his average salary is €50,506 per year, or €4,208 per month), this profession remains above all a vocation and should not be governed by money. . Also, you must show understanding when a less fortunate client hesitates to use your services. The lawyer’s oath involves practicing the profession with “dignity and humanity”.
You will therefore have to be involved in your work and defend all your clients, whatever your situation. Namely, the most successful lawyers are often those who attach importance to each of their cases and who demonstrate professionalism in all situations.

10 – Know how to manage your time well
The profession of lawyer involves a heavy workload and full days. Also, in order to handle all your business properly and avoid spending your weekends there, you must know how to manage your time and demonstrate good organization.

11 – Know how to demonstrate integrity
Integrity is a primordial quality in this profession . It will be impossible for you to do your job properly if you are defending two opposing parties. From the moment you accept a case, you must do your best to respect your commitment and do everything possible to defend your client.

12 – Act in compliance with the legislation
Whoever you are defending, you must respect the rules in force, otherwise you risk sanctions.

13 – Show courtesy
The principle of “courtesy visits” is set out in Article 1 bis of the National Internal Regulations of the legal profession . When you plead before a court outside the jurisdiction of your bar, you must present yourself to the president, the magistrate, the president of the bar and the lawyer of the opposing party.