10 M’sian Accelerators For Startups That Want To Grow To The Next Level In 2018

An accelerator serves an important function in the startup community. It helps teach startups the essential skills they need to turn a “good idea” into a viable business.

There are regional accelerators that have opened their doors to Malaysians, but for this list of startup accelerators of 2018, we’re focusing on accelerator programmes that are based on our shores.

1. Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator

The programme is a signature of Finnext Capital, and it is a collaboration to accelerate and grow the fintech and IoT tech startups in Malaysia.

It’s a network-driven enabler for startups that want to encourage the scaling of digital advancements. Under Cyberview, startups in this space have the opportunity to partner with corporates and residents of Cyberjaya to adopt their solutions.

Image Credit: Finnext Capital

The 5-month programme entails participants to an office space in Cyberjaya—an ICT hub with other founders, corporate mentors, and experienced entrepreneurs to get the ball rolling, including helping you launch a pilot.

Plus, the programme doesn’t take any equity.

Who should apply: Fintech and IoT startups

How to apply: Fill up the application.

2. The ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator

This accelerator exists for data-driven startups in the ASEAN region, including Malaysia. It’s created by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in partnership with MDEC. Each cohort will follow a six-month programme in KL, with activities in ODI’s London headquarters and activities across ASEAN.

This one doesn’t take equity from startups either.

Who should apply: Data-driven startups

How to apply: Fill up the application.

3. Global Accelerator Programme

MaGIC rebranded their accelerator programme to the Global Accelerator Programme last year. It takes even ideation stage startups and accelerates them to be investment-ready in 4 months. Startups get to mingle with others from different countries too.

Image Credit: Global Accelerator Programme

Its main partners include Fintech mainstays such as Standard Chartered, Allianz Bank and MDEC, with other players like Amazon Web Services, Visa and Microsoft also involved.

Who should apply: Startups that have validated their idea or launched a prototype with some traction.

How to apply: Fill up this form. Applications are open until March 26.

4. TuneLabs Accelerator

If you wanted to figure out Tony Fernandes’ business smarts, one way is to go under his mentorship in the TuneLabs Accelerator. It’s a variable time programme that helps startups to go out and raise funds, and validate your product across a big customer base.

An in-house development team will also help accelerate product development. The accelerator is available all-year-round, and even offers support for finance, marketing, legal, HR, etc.

Who should apply: Aspiring entrepreneurs or founders with a prototype or MVP, preferably in mobile, travel, e-commerce and fintech.

How to apply: Fill up this form.

5. WTF Accelerator

WatchTower and Friends is a tech accelerator with a mission of building an ecosystem that cultivates successful startups. The accelerator is an intensive 4-month programme that wants to maximise a startup’s chance for success.

They accept startups by identifying any emerging entrepreneurs or interesting startups, hoping to help them find the necessary revenue model and funding.

Who should apply: Tech startups, particularly working in big data analytics, creative content, information security, mobile internet, cloud computing, green technology, wearable technology, biotech, and smart grid technology, even if there’s been no significant capital put in yet.

How to apply: TBA

6. Nexea Accelerator/iLabs Sunway Accelerator

In 2017, Nexea Accelerator and iLabs Sunway announced a team up and are running their very first collaborated accelerator consisting of 25 startups now, with a demo day slated for June.

Image Credit: Sunway iLabs

This is a powerhouse combo; Nexea Accelerator are longtime players on the scene, and Sunway is a company with a vested interest in technology, and the business smarts to help.

This accelerator pushes startups to get invested in by the end of the programme using their proprietary Startup Validation Methodology and a large pool of mentors they deem successful entrepreneurs.

We don’t know when the next intake will be but they’re more likely to be taking more applications towards the later half of the year, so do keep an eye on them if you’re interested.

Who should apply: More mature startups that are solving a problem, a potential to scale within the next 5 to 10 years, and ready to produce and maintain a healthy gross profit long-term.

How to apply: TBA

7. Distro Dojo

This accelerator helps with growth hacking, because 90% of startups don’t survive their growth phase. It’s a 10-week programme to help startups accelerate their business.

The programme’s senseis aim to guide participants through what growth hacking even is, and teach them skills like how to set the right KPIs, engage in workshops and brainstorms, and intimate mentorship throughout the process.

Image Credit: Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre

Who should apply: Startups focusing on any ASEAN country as their core market, a committed core team, and with a product-market fit.

How to apply: TBA

8. 1337 Accelerator

Unlike many of these other accelerators, 1337 actually listens to pitches bi-weekly for acceptance in their programme every Tuesday. They primarily invest in O2O-based mobility solutions. 1337 started out accelerating mobile games but now diversified to focus on innovation.

1337 runs two accelerators: a pre-accelerator for idea-stage startups, and an accelerator to help grow startups in the development space

Who should apply: Pre-seed and seed stage investment startups.

How to apply: Fill up this form.

9. SuperCharger Accelerator

This collaboration between Hong Kong and Malaysia is a 12-week programme. And it’s another one that only accepts fintech, being able to provide a team, accelerator and network that enables this industry specifically.

They call themselves a startup for startups and they hope to make it easier for fintech players to co-create between themselves and corporations. They also hope to help players navigate the sensitive area of regulation.

Who should apply: Fintech startups

How To apply: TBA

10. ADAPT Accelerator

Image Credit: Sam Shafie

This collaboration between WTF Accelerator and IQI Global has a very specific focus—proptech. Without impacting the run of WTF Accelerator, ADAPT will be opening its doors to its inaugural batch in March 2018.

It’s run by a new proptech firm named Asia Development and Property Technology (ADAPT) Ventures, which aims to increase investments in technology for property.

The accelerator wants to link knowledgable players in the property industry to mentor and teach participants, specifically including those who understand real estate.

Who should apply: Proptech startups

How to apply: TBA

Feature Image Credit: MaGIC’s Global Accelerator Programme

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