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5 tips for your first Yoga class

You have just acquired the lure to perform Yoga and you are about to attend your first class. Maybe, you should take a look at these tips to go with a positive attitude and, above all, very motivated so you can get good results and achieve the goal in the best way wofs calculator.


What to do in the first Yoga class

  • Avoid copious meals before Yoga class: with a full stomach Yoga cannot be done properly. Breathing is altered, since the body is totally focused on digestion, what will cause is that when making an investment position, the food will return where it entered. If you cannot stop eating, at least opt ​​for foods with easy digestion and little quantity. What if you must take into account that hydration is essential throughout the class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: the taste is broken in genres, so there will be people who want to go with more or less clothing or perhaps more or less adjusted, so whatever that choice has to be comfortable clothes. Keep in mind that you do not need to wear tight-fitting or almost naked outfits. Although if it is necessary to be careful with what is too broad and can get tangled when performing some asana, causing an accident.
  • Discuss the concerns to the teacher: it is essential to let the teacher know about the experience in Yoga , if you have injuries or physical problems that prevent you from making a position to be conscious. It is important not to be shy when the instructor comes to know more about you, remember that it is to improve your exercises and make the first class the most pleasant and the most enjoyable.
  • Know the body and respect: if a position is too demanding or intense, try to rest or make a more relaxed modification as in the child’s position or any other. Do not try to do what you cannot, it is best to learn to know your body and work accordingly, you will be happier and the results will be good.
  • Thank you: no matter if the class seemed the best or if the asanas have left you half bad, it is essential to thank for this and continue in the attempt to face everything. The first step has been overcome that is to introduce you to that class and strive to give everything. So you just have to be happy, since you have been able to enter the line of healthy.


Keep in mind that the body is adapting, so if you feel dizzy, tired or your muscles are shaking, discuss it with the teacher so he can suggest what to do. Also, do not forget to bring water and a towel to clean the sweat. You will see that with time the Yoga will be your best ally and you will enjoy each class.