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Which One?? Protein Powder Reviews!

Protein powders have been around for sometime, however, there has been an explosion of variety since I used the early in 2000.  Holy cow! When I look at the shelf at the local health food store, I’m almost overwhelmed.  Which one is best?

When choosing a protein powder for yourself, there are 3 points you should consider:

#1 What does my body most easily digest?

Most of us know there are foods that don’t agree with our digestive system.  For me, I know milk isn’t top fuel for my body, so I don’t depend heavily upon whey based proteins.  I also know that beans a BAD for my digestion—so I wouldn’t get some kind of garbanzo bean powder– (do they even make that?)  You get the picture.

#2 Do you need a protein boost or a full meal?

There’s a lot of options out there.  You can get meal replacement powders which include fiber, herbs, vitamins, etc… or you can purchase just a simple Protein Powder Reviews.  What are you looking for?  Personally I do like using some of the mixes which include other things, especially fiber. I often use one of them as a base, then add an extra scoop of plain protein.

#3 Does it need to be quick and easy, or are you willing to spend time at the blender making a full shake?

My reviews will relay heavily on powders that can be mixed in a shaker with water, then slurped down quick.  I don’t drink protein drinks to replace gourmet meals—it’s out of necessity to feed my muscles. Keep in mind that some powders are great mixed with water, and other are super yucky.

To date, I have in no way tried every powder out there.  But I have tried several high quality products, so let’s jump in for review! If you’ve tried a great product, please add you review in the comments below.

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