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Lindsey Vonn's Response to a Confused Twitter Troll Has Twitter Getting Creative

Lindsey Vonn may be gearing up for her debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take the time to put a Twitter troll on blast.

The 33-year-old world champion athlete — widely considered the best female skier of all time — is now in her fourth Olympic Games. But while she certainly has gold on her mind, Vonn didn’t hesitate to correct a hater on Twitter who attacked her with a head-scratching tweet. Last Tuesday, the Twitter user in question sent Vonn a message berating her for not being able to take criticism after performing on Dancing With the Stars.

“Loved the way you were unable to take criticism on Dancing With The Stars!” the tweet reads. “I know it must have been a real learning experience.”

There was just one problem: Vonn never performed on the hit show.

So, Vonn hit the Twitter troll back with a tweet of her own that didn’t pull any punches.

“I was never on Dancing with the Stars,” she wrote back after posting a series of laughing emojis, “but thanks for the criticism none the less… high fives buddy.”

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As the internet would have it, Vonn’s thousands of admirers came out to hop in on the fun, all at the troll’s expense. They even started a hashtag (#ThingsLindseyDidntDo) to sarcastically suggest other things Lindsey failed to do — like not helping Tom Brady win the Super Bowl or helping Fleetwood Mac stay together.

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The star skier had a little fun interacting with fans who leaped to her defense on social media. When one user joked that “you’ve grown a little since your Lisel performance in the Sound of Music,” she cheekily replied, “Hey, I thought I was good in that.”

The tweets kept on coming throughout the week, and the creativity didn’t stop (they even incorporated Elon Musk’s space Tesla):

Vonn will be making her Olympic debut on Friday in the women’s super-G final.

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