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How to get followers on Instagram

Previously we talked about the advantages of starting to use Instagram for your brand. In this opportunity we will detail some strategies to achieve a significant number of followers and your actions on Instagram have greater impact with to buy real instagram comments.

Used correctly, Instagram provides brands with around 25% more engagement than other social networks, so it’s a good idea to put these recommendations into practice:

Suitable Hashtags

The goal of your brand on Instagram is to build loyalty, and in turn, get new followers. To satisfy those who are already following you, it is important to publish interesting content that generates the desired commitment with the brand. But to continue growing, it is essential that you use appropriate hashtags in each publication. Thus, it will be easier for those who still do not follow you to find you and start doing it.

What hashtags should you use?

Like on Facebook and Twitter, on Instagram some hashtags are used more than others. If you use the right ones, your account is much more likely to be discovered by new followers.

Among the most used currently, we find #love, #me, #follow, #cute, #like, #happy, #beautiful, #instadaily, #fun, #smile, #selfie and #friends. In general, the most used hashtags do not necessarily apply to products, and therefore, are not the most appropriate to promote a brand.

If you want your photos to increase your followers, you should look for the most relevant hashtags for your brand and your products. You can perform a keyword search to make sure you use the most relevant ones, which not only describe your brand, but are also used in Instagram. You can use IconoSquare or Webstagram to find hashtags with these characteristics.

Remember that Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. The most popular words will vary with time, so it is important that you keep your search updated so that your hashtags work correctly.

Suitable filters

The Instagram community responds better to some filters than to others. Using the most accepted can have a better impact on engagement with your brand and maintain the growth of your followers over time.

The most popular are Valencia, Earlybird, X-Pro II, Amaro and Rise in that order. But it is more important to know what filters your followers prefer, instead of the whole community on Instagram, since they are the ones you are looking to conquer and with whom you want to generate interaction, so you can try different filters according to the product that promotions, and go measuring the answer in each case, to later select the best filters to promote your brand.

Suitable days and times

A very important aspect is the timing of your publications. To know the best days and times to publish, it is best to make interaction measurements on what you have published in the past and analyze what were the best days and times in what you published.

Consider that in general it is advisable to maintain a good frequency of publications, as much as possible once a day, and no less than three times a week, this as a general rule. You can use ScheduGram  to schedule your publications.

Sponsors and reviews

If you really want to optimize your account in a shocking way, you need to contact more important accounts within your niche and expose your brand to a wider audience.

How to do this?

Unlike the previously mentioned tactics, this is not free, but implemented in the right way can be very effective and add real value to your account.

The first thing you need is a list of important accounts within your niche, for example, bloggers or influencers specialized in your product line and with a significant number of followers.

Maybe you’re already following one of these accounts, if not, you should find them. If within the accounts that interest you, you find some that include your e-mail within your profile, I recommend you start the contact through this route, since they are generally open to make publications as a sponsor.

In this case, you must send them an e-mail with your proposal. You can also offer them a product to try and make a post with a review of your product, which in general has very good acceptance within the community.

Finally, like all tactics used in social networks, the most important thing is to generate original and interesting content for the audience you want to capture, be authentic and social.

Used correctly, Instagram can be a visual advertising channel for your brand with a high level of segmentation, which can directly impact the conversion within your online store.